Artificial Intelligence solutions

RegTech and SupTech

RegTech and SupTech: what they are and why they are important

RegTech and SupTech are two terms used to describe the application of technology to support regulatory compliance and oversight of financial activities. The goal of these new technologies is to simplify processes through the implementation of controls. This is increasingly important in a market like fintech, where data shows that the number of global regulations…
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Innovative SMEs

Innovative SMEs: benefits and requirements

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent the engine of the worldwide economy, with a significant contribution to the growth and development of the country. However, to maintain long-term competitiveness and sustainability, it is essential that these companies are innovative and able to adapt to the new challenges of the global market. In Italy, innovative SMEs…
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energy management

Energy management: benefits for PMI

The economic crisis caused by the increase in energy costs, as well as the growth of awareness in the promotion of a green economy related to environmental sustainability objectives, means that today companies of all sizes need to use energy management solutions, in order to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Solutions for monitoring and…
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RegTech: the advantages of digitalized compliance and the Revelis solution

The COVID 19 pandemic has generated an increase in prepaid card payments and mobile payments. Furthermore, the explosion of the Metaverse will revolutionize lifestyles and digital payment methods that will be based on the use of NFT cryptocurrencies linked to wallets. These new types of payments increase the risk of Money – Laundering phenomena, i.e.…
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RegTech solutions

Technologies for RegTech solutions

The Global Market Insights and Grand View Research reports show that the size of the global anti-money laundering market, within the banking, financial and insurance services sector, is more than $ 2 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of over 10 % until 2027. As confirmed by the Credit Card and Digital Payments Observatory,  the…
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Utilization and sustainable management of water resources

Utilization and sustainable management of water resources: towards the Green Economy 

Water is a fundamental natural resource, which demand is constantly increasing and has consequences on the ecosystem.  The utilization and sustainable management of water resources, today represents a choice that cannot be postponed for the most advanced economies. Water consumption criticalities Failures on the Italian national water network and the consequent losses are a clear…
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vantaggio bpm

Benefits of BPM software for companies and PA

Business process management (BPM) is the set of techniques and technologies to analyze and improve the business processes of companies and public administrations. The main benefits of BPM software is closely related to the ability to eliminate bottlenecks in processes, by virtue of the re-engineering of the same. However, the BPM advantage for businesses and…
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Investing in the Metaverse: Risks and Benefits

Investing in the Metaverse: Risks and Benefits

On October 28, 2021, Mark Zuckenberg, the founder of Facebook, by announcing the new name of his multinational, Meta, has simultaneously paved the way for all organizations, large and small, who intend to invest in the metaverse. If, on the one hand, one of the main factors justifying the interest in this new technology is…
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claims management in the financial field

Claims management in the financial field using AI text analytics techniques

Through automatic document analysis solutions that use AI text analytics techniques, it is now possible to optimize claims management in the banking and financial sector, minimizing the time for the analysis of communications by customers and increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the complaint management process. These solutions are enabled by the use of natural…
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computer vision

Computer vision in manufacturing: applications and benefits

Computer vision in manufacturing is today an enabling technology to reduce costs and improve performances. Computer vision is the set of technologies (hardware and software) that allows the recognition and interpretation of images, thus enabling the automation of processes and decisions. The classic application of computer vision techniques aims at solving recognition problems, in which…
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