Artificial Intelligence solutions

Utilization and sustainable management of water resources

Utilization and sustainable management of water resources: towards the Green Economy 

Water is a fundamental natural resource, which demand is constantly increasing and has consequences on the ecosystem.  The utilization and sustainable management of water resources, today represents a choice that cannot be postponed for the most advanced economies. Water consumption criticalities Failures on the Italian national water network and the consequent losses are a clear…
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vantaggio bpm

Benefits of BPM software for companies and PA

Business process management (BPM) is the set of techniques and technologies to analyze and improve the business processes of companies and public administrations. The main benefits of BPM software is closely related to the ability to eliminate bottlenecks in processes, by virtue of the re-engineering of the same. However, the BPM advantage for businesses and…
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Investing in the Metaverse: Risks and Benefits

Investing in the Metaverse: Risks and Benefits

On October 28, 2021, Mark Zuckenberg, the founder of Facebook, by announcing the new name of his multinational, Meta, has simultaneously paved the way for all organizations, large and small, who intend to invest in the metaverse. If, on the one hand, one of the main factors justifying the interest in this new technology is…
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claims management in the financial field

Claims management in the financial field using AI text analytics techniques

Through automatic document analysis solutions that use AI text analytics techniques, it is now possible to optimize claims management in the banking and financial sector, minimizing the time for the analysis of communications by customers and increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the complaint management process. These solutions are enabled by the use of natural…
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computer vision

Computer vision in manufacturing: applications and benefits

Computer vision in manufacturing is today an enabling technology to reduce costs and improve performances. Computer vision is the set of technologies (hardware and software) that allows the recognition and interpretation of images, thus enabling the automation of processes and decisions. The classic application of computer vision techniques aims at solving recognition problems, in which…
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shift planning tool

The advantages of shift planning tool

A work shift planning tool is crucial for companies because the work shift planning is a critical task for manufacturing and logistics companies and it is a multi-objective activity that contemplates different needs such as adequate shifts of workers, the possibility of performing and optimizing individual work processes, and finally the minimization of overtime or consultancy…
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Anti Money Laundering AML

AML Anti Money Laundering

AML is the acronym for Anti Money Laundering. All financial organizations must have offices that, by constantly carrying out in-depth analysis on customers’ transactions, are able to intercept and, when possible, prevent the execution of financial crimes. Money laundering Money laundering consists in the financing of lawful activities starting from the profits deriving from illegal…
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Customer profiling in marketing

Customer profiling in marketing with AI

Customer profiling is a widely used technique in digital marketing, by which it’s possible to obtain particularly accurate analysis of potential customers, to make targeted commercial decisions based on data and therefore with greater probability of obtaining positive feedback. In particular, customer profiling is one of the  Big Data Analytics applications, enabling the creation of…
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BIAT 2021: Revelis solutions

Last Friday, September 24, ended in Taormina the 2021 edition of BIAT – Innovation and High Technology Exchange, an international event that aims to enhance the innovative potential expressed by the business and research system of the Regions of Twelve o’clock. BIAT was attended by 62 international operators selected by the ICE Agency’s Foreign Offices…
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business process management bpm

Business process management: the advantages for companies

Business process management is the set of activities necessary to define, optimize, monitor and integrate business processes. BPM aims to make the company business as efficient and effective as possible. Business Process Management is based on process analysis and optimization, and for this reason it requires a technology that supports the following functionalities:  analysis of…
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