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Natural language processing techniques for trouble ticket automatic management

Natural Language Processing techniques and Artificial Intelligence have a fundamental role in optimizing the management of relationships with customers, allowing to solve more quickly and effectively their problems.

Natural Language Processing

The problem

The quality of the ticket management within a Service Desk / Contact Center or Claim office depends on the experience of the operators.

The most frustrating experience for a customer is to receive different responses from different operators in the face of the same request, and this phenomenon is amplified when there are multiple channels of contact with the company (website, email, social network).

Automatic tools must be made available to Contact Center and Help Desk operators to “retrieve” the knowledge from tickets already managed, in order to optimize the classification and response phases to customer requests.


The solution

Revelis developed ARTICA, a Text Analytics platform that uses Natural Language Processing algorithms in combination with machine learning and deep learning models to analyze tickets from customers and support their resolution.

ARTICA offers the following features:

– Acquisition and storage of large amounts of textual data
– Analysis of texts by NLP techniques
– Automatic classification of tickets
– Suggestion of the best response to provide to the customer
– Multi-channel interaction (email, social network)



ARTICA uses Natural Language Processing techniques in combination with machine learning and deep learning models to obtain several benefits, including:

– Higher service quality

– Standard management of requests
– Automation of classification and customer responses

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