Artificial Intelligence solutions

We believe in co-operation and scientific and technological growth

Co-operation agreements with scientific institutes of primary importance and innovative organizations allow us to acquire  state-of-the-art know-how and to innovate our competencies 

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Universities and Research institutes

Revelis co-operate with Research organizations participating to Research projects with the aim to allow the technological transfer from academic field to industrial applications

università della calabria

Revelis co-operates with many Departments of UniCal

Department of Environment and Territory Engineering (DIATIC), in the  MAITAN – Living Lab project

Department of Mathematic and Computer Science (DEMACS), in many research projects using IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence technologies

Department of Juridical and Business Sciences (DiScAg), by a “gamification” application used in Master in Business Administration (MBA)


Revelis co-operates with the Institute for high performance computing and networking (ICAR-CNR) in different fields

Predicitve Maintenance: deep learning techniques application on time series with the aim to find “anomalous” scenarios through outlier detection

Computer Vision: neural networks training for streaming video processing and object detection

università di palermo

Revelis co-operates with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of UniPA about innovation techniques on:

Big Data Analytics e Reasoning: deductive and inductive approaches for real-time Big Data analysis and decision support

Blockchain: distribued registry (ledger) applications in Finance e Manifacturing application fields

Innovation poles of the Calabria Region

Revelis supports the Innovation Poles of the Calabria Region, in the form of an aggregate entity or supplier of innovative technologies and solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big data Analytics

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