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Revelis is an innovative SME that offers Artificial Intelligence solutions for Big Data analysis, multi-dimensional correlation, operation scenarios prediction and business processes optimization. Revelis solutions exploit machine learning and deep learning approaches in combination with automated reasoning and answer set programming, and implement explanation techniques to support decision-makers in Artificial Intelligence models understanding.


We design highly innovative solutions taking advantage of our technical, organisational and research skills. Revelis facilitates the growth of Data Analyst technical and scientific know-how throught international certification programs.


We use the CRISP-DM methodology for our data analytics projects, to guarantee high-quality standards for our customers.


Revelis’ AI solutions are built on RialtoTM, a Big Data processing framework enabling data integration, machine/deep learning, reasoning models, and multi-dimensional reporting/monitoring.

Enterprise solutions

Revelis mash up data-driven techniques with rule-based approaches to deploy Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics solution meeting our clients’ high-quality requirements.

IoT & Artificial Intelligence

Using our in-depth knowledge of machine learning and deep learning, internet of things and robotic process automation, we design and implement advanced solutions for real-time analysis of sensor data and for business processes optimisation.

Language Processing & Virtual Assistant

We realize natural language processing and textual information retrieval systems for text classification and query answering automation in Help/Service Desk.

Business Process Management

Using both proprietary and commercial BPM tools, we design and deploy solutions that optimize business and document management processes in complex organizations.

Big Data Analytics

We use scalable technologies like Rialto to find correlation in Big Data, enabling Data Quality analysis, user profiling and behavioral analysis

Automated Reasoning

We apply ontologies and Answer Set Programming techniques, enabling the use of business rules in decisional process and optimization tasks  

Computer Vision

We use deep neural networks for image processing, video segmentation and object recognition, enabling stat-of-the art applications like automatic security monitoring and people counting

Open Banking and RegTech

We offer ready-to-use solutions for RegTech and in particular for Anti-Money Laundering and Market Abuse. Revelis is a reliable partner for Digital Transformation and Open Banking projects.

Predictive Maintenance

We develop platforms and services for real-time monitoring and analysis of large volumes of “time series” data to predict failures in civil and industrial environments (i.e. lift, trains, …).

Consulting Services

We lead our clients towards Digital Transformation thanks to the long-time experience of our Big Data Analyst in managing and developing complex industrial projects, combined with a well-recognized technical and scientific expertise.


Revelis offers products for the implementation and execution of artificial intelligence techniques in industrial and civil use cases


Rialto™ is an extendible, flexible and scalable platform that offers:

– an authoring module, enabling Data Scientists to draw data analysis workflow for data processing and machine/deep learning models training
– a server module, for automatic execution of workflows, available on-cloud or on-premise

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ai-Guard is a software solution that use a neural network to process videos with the aim to verify if safety measures againsta the COVID-19 contagion are satisfied.

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Research & Development

We use advanced technologies, state-of-the-art research results and the scientific method to design and implement innovative projects for our clients and partners.

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Innovation Projects

We invest in innovative projects in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced AnalyticsWe invest in innovative projects in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

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Innovation inside

Revelis scientific roadmap is defined by a scientific committee involving academic members with a well-know expertise in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics.

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We cooperate with national and international research centers and we are member of Calabrian Innovation Clusters.


Revelis skillfully applies state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms in different vertical markets


We support our clients in the optimisation of manufacturing processes through the implementation of predictive maintenance systems and tools for workforce scheduling

Banking and Finance

We offer Big Data stream platforms for anti-money laundering and market abuse. Our professionals realise Open Banking and PSD2-compliant projects

Energy & Utilities

We realise systems for energy consumption monitoring and energy production forecasting 

Telco/Contact Center

We offer tools to improve the Help/Service Desk efficiency by automatic real-time customer profiling, ticketing classification and query answering

Transportation and Logistics

We apply optimisation algorithms (with constraints) and correlation techniques to improve warehouse storage processes 

Public Sector

We realise Geospatial platform aimed at monitoring and forecasting landslips and mudslides. 
We also offer platforms for water consumption monitoring and process digitalization

Health and Welness

We provide systems for the automatic classification of medical records and for epidemiological monitoring. We also apply Computer Vision techniques to monitor safety in the workplace


We offer solutions for automatic people counting, for behavioral analysis and for digital marketing, providing dashboards to shopkeepers to support the optimization of product sales process

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We believe in creativity, ideas and enthusiasm of our people. We promote a comfortable and inspiring working environment. We facilitate the professional growth of our Data Aanalyst in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics through international certification programs.

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