Artificial Intelligence solutions

computer Vision

Computer Vision: What It Is and How to Use It to Detect Defects

Computer Vision: What is it and how can it be used in business? What advantages can it bring about? In this article, we aim to provide an overview of this topic, illustrating the potential of this technology. Computer vision, or artificial vision, is a field of AI that studies algorithms and techniques to enable computers…
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data lakehouse

The benefits of a data lakehouse: a modern data platform

In recent years, “Data Lake” and, more recently, the more advanced “Data Lakehous” have established themselves, which have progressively assumed a central role in the optimization of data-based business strategies and this is due to the fact that storage and data querying are extremely important capabilities for companies that today manage large amounts of data…
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ESG: Carbon Footprint and Best Practices for Sustainability

The integration of ESG factors into corporate decisions and investments has become increasingly relevant in the context of a growing awareness of the environmental and social impact of business activities. Investing in accordance with ESG principles can be seen as a way to encourage sustainable and socially responsible practices, which are becoming more and more…
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come organizzare turni di lavoro

How to organize work shifts with AI

Workforce management is the beating heart of every successful company. Among the most critical aspects of this management, workforce scheduling plays a central role. In this in-depth article, we will explore the universe of personnel scheduling and we will see how to organize work shifts with AI focusing on its applications in various industries. We…
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digital payment

Digital Payment: management of SEPA/SEDA Payments in a real case

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the banking sector, because it involves a process of corporate restructuring, both with reference to the internal organisation, the skills of the staff and the tools used, as well as the methods of interaction with customers. In particular, in recent years we have been witnessing a real “explosion” of digital payment,…
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carbon neutrality

Carbon Neutrality: short guide to achieving zero emissions

This article will explain how companies can achieve carbon neutrality by applying a set of best practices and adopting compensation policies. But let’s first start by explaining what is meant by the term carbon neutrality. Carbon neutrality means zero emissions, i.e. achieving a state of affairs in which there is a balance between the emissions…
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Market basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis: a use case on AI and marketing campaigns

Market Basket Analysis is a strategic data mining technique used by retailers to enhance sales through an understanding of customer purchasing patterns. This method involves examining datasets, such as historical purchase records, to identify items that tend to be bought together. By recognizing these co-occurrence patterns, retailers can make informed decisions to: The steps to…
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digital payments

Digital Payments and Big Data: Situation and Evolution

The digital transformation is revolutionizing the way companies operate, address changes, and leverage opportunities in the digital context. This revolution is driven by increasing globalization and the introduction of new technologies. In the banking sector, these technologies are also related to Digital Payments. This digitization process has a significant impact on the banking sector, requiring…
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BPM Business process management

BPM Business process management: a real case example

BPM Business Process Management is a management discipline that aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and agility of business operations. It focuses on identifying, designing, implementing, optimizing, and monitoring business processes to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.  BPM involves: defining workflows; standardizing procedures; using technologies to automate and integrate business activities. The manufacturing industry faces…
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Customer Profile analysis

Customer Profile Analysis: applications and advantages in retail

In the era of digital transformation, where Retail companies strive to adapt to increasingly demanding customer needs, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in providing personalized solutions.  A fundamental tool for optimizing the customer experience is the customer profile analysis. In this article, we will explore how customer profile analysis can be one of…
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