Artificial Intelligence solutions


Rialto™ is a software platform for the development and execution of Artificial Intelligence solutions. Rialto™ enables Big Data analysis and monitoring, phenomena forecasting and decision model explanation.

soluzioni ai
soluzioni di ai
soluzioni di intelligenza artificiale

Main features

Rialto™ is extensible, scalable and easily integrable in customer’s environment

Deductive and inductive approach

Rialto™ combines “data oriented” methods based on machine/deep learning withg automatic reasoning and Answer Set Programming

Extensible and easiliy integrable

Rialto™ can be extended with algorithms and models defined by users. The platform can interoperate with customer’s environment by API and REST services

Cloud native

The platform enables Big Data storage and processing, both on-premise and in cloud


AI models are made understandable for final users, enabling a better huma-machine co-operation

Main components

Rialto™ is designed to support the whole data analysis lifecycle, through an interactive environment for data scientists and a server for data analysis processes’ automation

Rialto™ Data Scientist Environment

Rialto™ DSE is an author module that makes available to data scientists all tools for an interactive design of data analysis workflows.

Rialto™ Server

Rialto™ Server enables the automatic execution of data analysis workflows and interact with customer’s environment though APIs and REST services. Rialto™ Server uses real-time data processing big data analytics techniques.

Compliant with CRISP-DM methodolgy

Rialto™ enables data analysis and data quality tasks making supporting better strategic and operative decisions

Data understanding

Rialto™ enbles Data Acquisition by plugins for data ingestion from external sources.
Moreover, a number of Data Exploration techniques made possible a deep comprehension of available data

Data preparation

Rialto™ suppport different Data Processing techniques:
Filtering: data selection based on attribute and data relevance;
– Cleaning: missing values and data error management;
Normalizzation and integration.

Modeling e Evaluation

There are more than 30 descriptive and predictive algorithms available, and moreover automatic reasoning techniques are supported.
Model performances can be evaluated by state-of-the art tools and techniqeus.


Data analysis workflows are automatic executed by Rialto™ Server.

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