BIAT 2021: Revelis solutions

Artificial Intelligence solutions


Last Friday, September 24, ended in Taormina the 2021 edition of BIAT – Innovation and High Technology Exchange, an international event that aims to enhance the innovative potential expressed by the business and research system of the Regions of Twelve o’clock.

BIAT was attended by 62 international operators selected by the ICE Agency’s Foreign Offices Network and 71 among innovative companies, startups and Italian universities with operational headquarters in the Southern Regions of Italy.

Salvatore Iiritano – CEO of Revelis – attended at BIAT 2021, and met several private investors and large companies active in open innovation, to whom he presented the main artificial intelligence solutions created by Revelis.


Revelis solutions presented at BIAT 2021

All the Artificial Intelligence solutions illustrated during BIAT 2021 are inspired by the principles of sustainability and improvement of living conditions. In particular, the following platforms were illustrated at the event in Taormina:

  • the Hydrocontrol platform
  • the MAITAN system
  • the ai-guard solution
  • the RAISE PreMap platform
  • the Moneying solution

The Hydrocontrol platform

Hydrocontrol is a platform for Big Data stream analysis that allows you to monitor water consumption and identify leaks on the water network.

Hydrocontrol is the solution for utilities and public administrations that intend to measure water consumption in real time, and allows the identification of network losses through the “water balance” measurement, as well as user profiling, useful for defining users consumption habits.

The MAITAN system

MAITAN is a project carried out as part of the Living Labs promoted by the Calabria Region and focuses on the creation of a GeoSpatial Intelligence platform for the automatic collection, analysis and monitoring of data relating to:

  • natural targets (erosion slopes, slopes in instability)
  • anthropogenic targets (buildings and infrastructures)

The MAITAN platform is useful to all Public Administrations that intend to carry out an active monitoring of the territory, in terms of stability analysis and hydrogeological control. MAITAN’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics features have been validated in three application areas:

  • in the Municipality of Mormanno in order to minimize the risks of hydrogeological instability
  • in the Municipality of Laino Castello for the minimization of risks and the usability of new tourist routes
  • in the Municipality of Laino Borgo in order to reduce criticalities in the presence of intense meteorological phenomena

The ai-guard solution

AI-guard, already awarded in October 2020 with the prestigious “Top of the Pid” award conferred by Unioncamere, is a solution that, through computer vision techniques, allows real-time monitoring of public environments in order to facilitate compliance with security measures against the spread of COVID-19.

ai-guard is a software platform that uses neural networks to verify the correct use of protective masks and the maintenance of safety distances; moreover, the system could be used for applications that go beyond security monitoring, because it makes it possible, with the utmost respect for privacy, to count people in a certain place (shop, office) and thus provides interesting analytics that can be used for commercial purposes.

The RAISE PreMap predictive maintenance platform

Today, thanks to IoT sensors connected in real time, manufacturing companies  are able to acquire large volumes of information about the operation of their plants.

The analysis of these huge amounts of information is useful for optimizing production processes and reducing operating costs.

RAISE PreMap is a platform that provides predictive maintenance functionality, i.e. prediction of plant failure scenarios.

In doing so, RAISE PreMap offers several benefits for industrial manufacturing companies, including:

  •  the early identification of abnormal operating scenarios of civil and industrial plants
  • the ability to perform maintenance operations only when it is necessary, overcoming the “planned” and “reactive” maintenance models
  • the opportunity to obtain important optimizations in terms of costs
  • the possibility of having a drastic reduction compared to plant shutdowns

The Moneying platform

The analysis of financial crimes and in particular the identification of money laundering phenomena have become extremely pressing issues in the current economy, in which the number of economic transactions is very high and the speed of movement of financial flows has increased tenfold compared to a few years ago.

Moneying is Revelis’ solution for banks and financial institutions; through the correlation analysis functions made available by the Rialto ™ platform, Moneying allows the calculation of risk indicators, customer profiling (risk profile and KYC), management of reporting and sanctioning processes.

Revelis is a reliable partner to implement innovation projects which, by exploiting the most modern Artificial Intelligence techniques, allow customers to obtain decisive competitive advantages in various application sectors.

The appreciation for our solutions in the context of BIAT 2021 confirms the goodness of our products and the versatility of our technologies.