Business process management: the advantages for companies

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business process management bpm

Business process management is the set of activities necessary to define, optimize, monitor and integrate business processes.

BPM aims to make the company business as efficient and effective as possible.

Business Process Management is based on process analysis and optimization, and for this reason it requires a technology that supports the following functionalities: 

  • analysis of business process execution
  • evaluate insights and analytics about business processes
  • calculate the difference between the designed process and the real execution

To have an effective implementation of Business Process Management, organizations must know in depth how organizational activities are executed, with the aim to eliminate bottlenecks and for re-engineering not-efficient processes.  

Business problems

Often, many organizations there are standardized procedures that cause inefficiencies in the following tasks:

  • checking the progress of a specific process
  • checking workload of each employee
  • checking if there are bottlenecks reducing productivity

However, companies and public administrations can find a solution in the  BPM.

Business process management, the solution for companies and PA

Artificial intelligence supports BPM through techniques for the automatic identification of “variants” of business processes, and through algorithms that are able to automatically identify the difference between the “expected” processes and those actually performed. In this way it is possible to rationalize and optimize processes, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of organizations.

Through AI-based Business Process Management solutions, companies and Public Administrations can easily identify scenarios of inefficiency and bottlenecks, and smart technologies can also provide decision support in terms of re-engineering of critical activities.

The advantages of Business Process Management 

Today the speed up and customization of processes represent a great competitive advantage over the competition; Business Process Management allows organizations to be competitive and reserves excellent business opportunities thanks to the customization of solutions, process automation and availability of analytics.

The processing of Big data relating to business activities allows to reach a new generation of Business Process Management tools, which are not limited to guiding the execution of processes, but enable active monitoring and scenario analysis, providing in this way a decisive competitive advantage to the organizations that use these technologies.

Revelis provides solutions based on machine learning and deep learning techniques for process mining; in particular, the SmartFlow platform allows the modeling of organizational processes, the management of their execution and the analysis of process data through clustering and automatic classification techniques.

Thanks to the SmartFlow application, organizations can obtain:

  • an efficient management of business processes, through the customization of operational flows
  • the automation of repetitive and low added value activities
  • the availability of analytics
  • decision support aimed at eliminating bottlenecks or re-engineering processes