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Internet of Things for Geospatial Intelligence

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) enables GeoSpatial Intelligence solutions, for anthropic and natural targets monitoring.
In fact, an increasing number of devices equipped with GPS and connected to the network are now available capable of measuring different physical and mechanical quantities such as:
– temperature
– humidity
– acceleration
– inclination

Geospatial intelligence
is a branch of artificial intelligence and a technical-scientific area used by big data analysts for the realization of solutions aimed at monitoring and geospatial analysis of effects, such as:
– the trend of landslides,
– structural stability of buildings,
– the slipping of faults

internet of things

GeoSpatial Intelligence, thanks to Internet of Things infrastructure for the detection and control, enables a better understanding, modeling and monitoring of natural and artificial ecosystems

MAITAN: a Revelis’ solution for GeoSpatial Intelligence

Revelis developed MAITAN, a GeoSpatial Intelligence platform for the automatic collection, analysis and monitoring of data relating to natural targets (erosion slopes, failing slopes) and anthropogenic (point buildings and infrastructures).

geospatial intelligence

GeoSpatial Intelligence platform advantages

Today, hydrogeological monitoring has the following limitations:

– Absence of digital tools for planning, development and conservation of the territory: often administrators have only a paper version of the regional risk cartography that is not updated and without details

– Poor effectiveness of the regional system provided by the Civil Protection in the management of alerts and emergency states

Well-tailored IoT Infrastructure

The IoT sub-system is “specialized” with respect to the hydrogeological and seismic problems to be analyzed

Decision Support

MAITAN platform provides dashboards for physical and mechanical variables monitoring, supporting users in defining risk containment actions

Security Protocols

The Artificial Intelligence platform can discover anomalous situations and send alarms to municipal representatives

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