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Business process management for enterprise process automation

Business Process Management solutions enables companies and Public Administrations to optimize the management of organizational processes, through:

– the control of activities execution
– the monitoring of practices
– the reduction of completion time

business process management

The problem

The management of practices in an organization is based on standard procedures, supported by heterogeneous tools available to executors.

In this scenario there are inefficiencies in:

– execution of the processes in accordance with the defined procedures
– monitoring the progress of individual cases
– verifying the workload of individual employees and the presence of any problems or bottlenecks that reduce productivity

Through Business Process Management it is possible to have flexible and efficient software tools that allow organizations to:

– model business processes in a simple way
– automate the assignment and review
– make available management dashboards for monitoring ongoing practices


The solution

SmartFlow is one of Revelis’ solutions in the field of business process management, that enables the distributed execution of business processes for companies or public administrations.

SmartFlow offers the following BPM functionalities:

1. business processes modeling
2. automatic assignment of the file to employees according to workload optimization logic
3. management of the overall process between different offices and employees
4. monitoring the progress of each individual cases
5. data analysis through Business Analytics techniques


Business process automation benefits

Through automation in business process management with our business process automation software SmartFlow you can get:
– Customization of the solution based on business needs
– Automation of assignments and process phases
– Data analytics to support the evaluation of productivity and the analysis of the overall trend

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