Benefits of BPM software for companies and PA

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Business process management (BPM) is the set of techniques and technologies to analyze and improve the business processes of companies and public administrations. The main benefits of BPM software is closely related to the ability to eliminate bottlenecks in processes, by virtue of the re-engineering of the same.

However, the BPM advantage for businesses and public administrations is not limited to improving the organization and increasing efficiency. Let’s see how

Benefits of BPM software for companies

While in the short term the BPM advantage for companies is measurable in terms of time, i.e. in the reduction of the execution times of business processes, in the medium-long term the added value obtainable thanks to business process management is correlated to greater agility of decision-making processes, to a reduction in costs and an increase in company turnover.

So let’s see together in detail what the BPM advantage for companies consists of, summarized in the 3 main points.

Greater agility of decision-making processes

From a strictly operational point of view, the BPM advantage in the medium-long term is due to the acceleration of the decision-making process and an improvement in productivity, thanks to the greater flexibility of the processes and the consequent agility of the organization, which determines a speeding up of processes as well as the ability to redefine them extremely quickly, based on business needs

Cost reduction

The systematic analysis of process data, structured in multidimensional reports that provide information at various levels of detail, allows the optimization of each individual work process.

In this sense, business process management determines a reduction in costs in terms of:

  • increment in knowledge sharing
  • efficiency of the decision-making process

In particular, the data analytics tools, enabling the exchange of information between the various actors involved in the business processes, determine an increase in the awareness of the people involved and an improvement in operational performance.

Increase in turnover

The BPM allows you to analyze in depth the individual “variants” of the processes, thus enabling the identification of “bottlenecks” and the verification of compliance between the processes actually performed and the organizational procedures.

In this way, the resulting BPM advantage is embodied in the ability to re-engineer procedures, making them akin to business objectives and the effective operations of company personnel. This results in:

  • an improvement in the quality of products for manufacturing companies
  • an increase in customer satisfaction for service companies
  • an high reduction in response times for companies operating in customer care services

It is clear that the combination of these elements results in an increase in turnover, and consequently in greater economic and financial strength of the organizations that apply BPM technologies.

The BPM advantage for Public Administrations

Today a deep digitization process of PAs is underway, and this represents an enabling factor for BPM, which can allow public administrations to streamline processes while improving the quality of services offered to citizens.

Greater agility

Public Administrations can be more agile by BPM, and in particular by applying Process Mining techniques.

Unlike long and costly Business Process Reengineering (BPR) projects in economic terms, process mining makes possible to:

  • analyze processes
  • map each process
  • discover strengths and weaknesses
  • eliminate bottlenecks that slow down processes

This general knowledge of processes is therefore useful for obtaining a decisive improvement in the agility of processes and therefore greater productivity.

Optimization of the service for citizens

For PA, the advantages given by BPM can also translate into an optimization of the service offered.

In fact, thanks to BPM, public administrations will have the possibility to:

  • obtain an ordered execution of activities by directing the files to the right person
  • know the status of each process
  • offer transparency to the user

Citizens will therefore be offered a fast and completely transparent service with respect to their practices that can be consulted with extreme ease by knowing their status during each phase of the processes.