Revelis ranks first among Calabrian innovative startups

Artificial Intelligence solutions

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Revelis took first place in the ranking of innovative startups related to the call “Startup and Spinoff – A smarter Calabria” promoted by the Calabria Region, “Scientific Research and Technological Innovation” Sector, aimed to support the creation of new and innovative startups and spinoffs.

Today Artificial Intelligence is used in many industrial sectors, and the two most promising areas are the “Bank and Finance” sector and the “Industry 4.0” sector, for which, in the next 5 years, the demand will grow exponentially.

The Revelis’ business plan is based on the offering of high added value innovative services in the AI sector and the development of a new technology for Big data Analytics and predictive maintenance. 

Revelis: first among the innovative startups

After the evaluation carried out by an Evaluation Commission specifically appointed by the Regional Administration, Revelis was ranked first among all the participating companies in the ranking of innovative startups in the context of the “Startup and Spinoff” call. – A smarter Calabria” promoted by the Calabria Region, Sector” Scientific Research and Technological Innovation.

The assessment takes into account the innovativeness of the business idea, as well as the strategic value resulting from the important investment, both in cutting-edge equipment for learning and deep learning machines, and in the work of specialized researchers.

Raise: the proposal developed by Revelis

The proposal developed by Revelis is based on two actions:

  • the development of a new software product called RAISE (Revelis Artificial Intelligence Smart Environment) that integrates machine learning and deep learning functions with mechanisms for automatic reasoning, to enable Artificial Intelligence solutions on Big Data, as well as providing explanation mechanisms of the models decision-making used.
  • a verticalization of RAISE, called RAISE-PREMAP – for the predictive maintenance of civil / industrial plants.

RAISE will provide several innovative features in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Big Data Reasoning and Explanation enabling the simultaneous use of inductive and deductive approaches, as well as techniques for exploration, features currently not present in the most common market-platforms.

RAISE Main benefits

The main benefits of RAISE are:

  • the Minimization of the time needed to pass from the “design” phase to the “implementation” phase for Artificial Intelligence solutions
  • the Combination of inductive and deductive techniques, with flexibility in satisfying user needs
  • the Availability of techniques that, by explaining the behavior of the automatic decision-making process, allow a more effectively man-to-machine interaction
  • the Ability to execute massive and real-time processing with an higher efficiency 

The RAISE platform can be used in Artificial Intelligence applications in multiple sectors, and in particular the verticalization for predictive maintenance will satisfy the needs of industrial companies that need to move from a “planned” or “extraordinary” maintenance model to a model capable of verifying the state of health of machinery in order to predict failures and determine huge savings for the customer.