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The economic crisis caused by the increase in energy costs, as well as the growth of awareness in the promotion of a green economy related to environmental sustainability objectives, means that today companies of all sizes need to use energy management solutions, in order to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Solutions for monitoring and intelligent use of energy are fully part of the so-called IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things – a market sector which, according to data collected by Statista, will reach approximately 1.11 trillion US dollars by 2028.

In Italy, according to data collected by the Energy Observatory of the CNA Study Centre, industrial realities sustain the highest energy costs in Europe with a +27.8% for the cost of electricity compared to all other countries; this is why Italian companies have the urgency to quickly identify effective and structural solutions for the optimized management of energy, in order to acquire a series of competitive advantages both in the short and in the long term.

The advantages of energy management for companies

Energy management solutions support decision-making and strategic processes in order to promote responsible use of energy, with a consequent reduction in waste and cost savings.

Energy management systems make possible a continuous monitor consumption, combined with the ability to predict the production of energy from renewable sources, and allow all organizations to determine energy purchase policies, as well as optimization of production plants, based on the minimization of waste, enabling:

  • Energy savings and a consequent reduction in costs;
  • the resilience of businesses, thanks to greater control over energy consumption;
  • the evaluation of improvements in energy use over time
  • the improvement of the improved brand image.

Revelis enables companies to achieve these competitive advantages through its EMPhaSys energy management solution

EMPhaSys: the Revelis solution for energy management

EMPhaSys is a platform based on Rialto™  and is able to store and process electrical consumption/production time series coming from electronic meters.

The platform, which has already been applied at an important university, for monitoring energy production from renewable sources, and by an ESCo, for identifying customer consumption profiles, can be used:

  • By electricity service operators and Energy Service Companies (ESCo) in order to monitor the energy consumption of their customers, identify fraud and/or malfunctions on the distribution network;
  • From companies, and in particular those operating in the manufacturing sector, which can monitor consumption at individual sampling points and, on the basis of decision support models, have the possibility of increasing the efficiency of their plants by reducing consumption ;
  • By Municipalities and public companies, in order to define “intelligent” lighting plans for the area, allowing for significant savings without impacting the quality of public lighting.

Among the benefits that can be obtained thanks to this solution we find:

  • Reduction of economic losses;
  • Advanced support for the management of Smart Cities/Smart Grids;
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction & retention.


Making the necessary changes for the implementation of an energy management system is not a prerogative of large companies, in fact, the volume of SMEs is growing and today they are starting to recognize the advantages of implementing energy saving procedures, and develop energy actions management does not only mean increasing short-term benefits, it also means investing in the future of the company to obtain long-term benefits as well.

However, in order to make the necessary changes and take actions for energy management, it is essential to be able to rely on a company specialized in IoT solutions able to offer ad hoc solutions and all the necessary support.

An energy consumption monitoring system today must include Artificial Intelligence functions that allow for the calculation of energy performance indicators based on specific needs and company objectives.

Revelis offers solutions designed for the specific needs of each business, also addressing the issue of energy management carefully and using the most innovative technologies on the market.

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