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Artificial Intelligence solutions

Anti Money Laundering AML

AML Anti Money Laundering

AML is the acronym for Anti Money Laundering. All financial organizations must have offices that, by constantly carrying out in-depth analysis on customers’ transactions, are able to intercept and, when possible, prevent the execution of financial crimes. Money laundering Money laundering consists in the financing of lawful activities starting from the profits deriving from illegal…
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Customer profiling in marketing

Customer profiling in marketing with AI

Customer profiling is a widely used technique in digital marketing, by which it’s possible to obtain particularly accurate analysis of potential customers, to make targeted commercial decisions based on data and therefore with greater probability of obtaining positive feedback. In particular, customer profiling is one of the  Big Data Analytics applications, enabling the creation of…
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BIAT 2021: Revelis solutions

Last Friday, September 24, ended in Taormina the 2021 edition of BIAT – Innovation and High Technology Exchange, an international event that aims to enhance the innovative potential expressed by the business and research system of the Regions of Twelve o’clock. BIAT was attended by 62 international operators selected by the ICE Agency’s Foreign Offices…
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business process management bpm

Business process management: the advantages for companies

Business process management is the set of activities necessary to define, optimize, monitor and integrate business processes. BPM aims to make the company business as efficient and effective as possible. Business Process Management is based on process analysis and optimization, and for this reason it requires a technology that supports the following functionalities:  analysis of…
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Sustainable company: how to create it with AI

A sustainable company is an organization that, with its work, helps society to face many challenges related to sustainability, such as climate change, pollution or sustainable energy, and also the development of a more inclusive society and economic growth. Sustainable development has long been at the heart of the European project: the United Nations 2030…
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Internet Governance Forum Italia 2020

Revelis awarded at the Internet Governance Forum Italy 2020

The Internet Governance Forum Italy 2020, a three days conference organised by the Italian Union of the Chamber of Commerce, ended on Friday 9 October in Rome, with the “Top of the PID” prize award ceremony, assigned to four Italian companies for remarkable projects in the digital field. Among these, Revelis was awarded in the…
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The Hydro Control project, a Smart City platform for Catanzaro municipality

A smart city is an urban area in which citizens can benefit from “intelligent” services and infrastructures, thanks to the application of technologies combining IoT sensors – Internet of Things – and Artificial Intelligence platforms based on Big Data analysis. In this context, all public utility services (public transport, energy / water / gas management…
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startup innovative

Revelis ranks first among Calabrian innovative startups

Revelis took first place in the ranking of innovative startups related to the call “Startup and Spinoff – A smarter Calabria” promoted by the Calabria Region, “Scientific Research and Technological Innovation” Sector, aimed to support the creation of new and innovative startups and spinoffs. Today Artificial Intelligence is used in many industrial sectors, and the…
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ai-guard revelis

ai-Guard, a Revelis solution for covid-19 safety measures monitoring

Artificial Intelligence and workplace safety measures monitoring are two essential elements for the prevention of COVID-19 contagion. Reopening of offices, restaurants, sports centers, hairdressers and others can only take place on the basis of rigorous safety measures, aimed at promoting personal hygiene and avoiding the propagation of droplets, which are the main means of contagion.…
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intelligenza artificiale nei trasporti

Artificial Intelligence in transportation: predictive maintenance

By applying Artificial Intelligence in transportation, organizations involved in production and management of transportation infrastructures have an effective competitive advantage, thanks to new business models and the optimization of operations. This is a critical factor to appropriately address the new challenges of the economy in the time of Covid-19. Why Artificial Intelligence in transportation As…
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