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Water resources monitoring

Water resources monitoring is one of the most delicate tasks for Public Administrations. In many cases, failures in the water supply network or illegal connections to the water network cause economic losses for the municipalities and the managers of the aqueducts.

The problem

Water losses due to faults on the network or theft of water mean that it is necessary to purchase the lost water from third parties (wholesalers), with big economic losses.
Furthermore, the lack of meters installed, without which it is not possible to correctly account and invoice water consumption, causes an economic and financial imbalance of management. The lack of meters also has the effect of amplifying the problem of water losses (especially the apparent ones, i.e. the volume of water distributed but not invoiced), encouraging waste.

The solution

Revelis developed Hydrocontrol, an Artificial Intelligence platform that allows the monitoring of water consumption across the entire distribution network, allowing the volume of leaks to be assessed in real time and to predict failure scenarios.
Hydrocontrol offers features for:

– Measure water consumption in real time, with reference to users (commercial and domestic)

– Interact with sensors allowing the measure of the incoming and outgoing flow

– Evaluate the “Water balance”, identifying the presence of “pathological” losses due to breakage or theft of water

– Identify anomalous consumption scenarios by users, due to probable leaks


Cost savings

Improvement of service and citizen satisfaction

Minimization of downtime on the network

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