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Health records are managed by complex IT systems. The automatic classification of reports and medical records enables: (i) a more efficient research process; (ii) epidemiological analysis reporting, and (iii) a powerful support of doctors in the diagnosis and application of health protocols

The problem

Clinical documentation, although in digital format, is difficult to find and read by healthcare personnel who must quickly make the right decisions regarding the treatment of patients.
Text analysis requires the understanding of the terms in the application domain. The categorization of documents is an activity with an higher percentage of errors when done manually.
Furthermore, the difficulties in finding health documentation make the process of diagnosing and treating patients more difficult and complex.

The solution

Revelis developed MeDICA, a platform based on Rialto ™ that enables the analysis and automatic classification of health documentation (reports, medical records) based on the Thesaurus Mesh of the National Library of Medicine.
MeDICA offers features for:

– acquiring and processing documentation of heterogeneous format

– text analysis and concept extraction

– automatic document classification, enabling a multidimensional search of documents (by categories, concepts, metadata and keywords)

– epidemiological analysis reporting


Integrability to any Health Record platform

Higher precision and efficacy of document research

Web dashboards for epidemiological analysis

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