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Workforce management

The management of staff shifts can be a very complex problem, because it can lead to the violation of contractual obligations.
Artificial Intelligence can allow to optimize this type of activity, providing valuable support for personnel planning managers

The problem

In manufacturing and logistics sector, the formulation of work shifts is a complex task, since the shifts depend on forecasts on the arrival times of goods and on various contractual and extra-contractual constraints.
The use of simple tools, such as excel sheets, makes work less efficient, because it is based on the experience of the planners, and does not allow to systematically verify that the planning constraints are respected.
Therefore, simple tools are needed that, using the same reasoning mechanisms as humans, allow to produce admissible solutions to the planning problem in a very short time, while still allowing the operator to manually modify the calculated shifts.

The solution

Revelis developed i-Plan, an automatic reasoning platform which, on the basis of “strong” and “weak” constraints, allows the automatic calculation of work teams in logistics contexts.
i-Plan offers features to:

– Define the allocation needs (metaplanes)

– Automatically calculate work shifts, in compliance with contractual and extra-contractual obligations

– Allow scheduling staff to manually change calculated shifts

– Realize in a short time the allocation of personnel on single, daily, weekly, monthly shifts


Processing time reduction

Compliance with contractual and extra-contractual obligations

Flexibility of the platform and possibility to customize it

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