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Identification of process variants

In large public and private organizations, operational and business processes are supported by different software platforms and their execution determines a large number of “variants”, that is, different execution modes. The application of Process Mining techniques, allowing the identification of variants and the resolution of bottlenecks, can determine a decisive competitive advantage for companies and public administrations.

The problem

Operational or business processes require, in many cases, the use of a number of software tools, and provides users with different degrees of freedom in choosing the actions to be implemented.
This scenario implies that, in the face of well-defined standard procedures, there are different “variants” of the processes in reality.
These variants do not always comply with company standards and are often characterized by the presence of bottlenecks.
For public and private organizations, it is therefore necessary to fully understand the actual execution of processes, which enables any re-engineering and optimization processes.

The solution

Revelis developed ProMETeO, a platform based on Rialto ™ that allows the analysis of processes starting from the “logs” of the company information systems.
In particular, log analysis is based on Process Mining techniques that allow the reconstruction of processes starting from the individual “traces” and the application of clustering techniques.
ProMETeO provides features for:

– Identify process variants

– Visual analyze the variantsi

– Identify bottlenecks

– Verify compliance of processes with respect to the provisions of company standards


Reconstruction of processes and variants

Visual analysis

Availability of dashboards for process analysis

Automatic compliance check to support process re-engineering processes

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