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Prediction of consumption and energy production

IoT technologies for metering enable the acquisition of a huge quantity of data about the consumption and production of energy.
These data, properly processed, are a valuable source of information to be exploited for the optimization of energy management and for the detection of fraud.

The problem

The monitoring of electricity consumption, as well as production from renewable sources, today poses an important technological challenge about the ability to store and analyze Big Data products in real time.
In particular:
– Energy companies and ESCo need to identify the consumption profiles of their customers, in order to propose personalized offers and to be able to identify and prevent fraud
– Energy-intensive organizations must have predictive models of energy production from renewable sources and consumption, in order to optimize the supply from the electricity market

The solution

Revelis developed EMPhaSys, a platform based on Rialto ™ with capabilities of storange and processing of time series from electronic meters, enabling the following functions

– Customer Segmentation: identification of typical consumption profiles of customers

– Customer Behavior Prediction: short-medium term forecast of customer behavior with reference to energy withdrawals

– Production Prediction: short-medium term forecast of energy production from renewable sources

– Fraud Detection: identification of anomalies in the supply of energy and fraudulent activity


Improvement of customer satisfaction & retention through tariff plans and ad hoc services in response to consumption habits

Reduction of economic losses by identifying anomalous behavior and energy fraud

Advanced support for the management of Smart Cities and Smart Grids through the knowledge of typical consumption and production profiles

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