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Customer profiling

In a call center or help desk, the diagnosis and resolution of problems from customers can be strongly influenced by information on the customer’s profile, which directs the resolution strategy, the urgency, the skills necessary to provide the answer

The problem

Calls incoming at call centers follow predefined and non-personalized routes through automatic responders (IVR), with a double disadvantage:
1) each call must follow the entire route, with consequent long response times and line clogging
2) the operator to whoma call is assigned is not necessarily the most suitable to provide the requested advice.
Therefore, there is a need of tools that automatically assigning a profile to the customer during the call, allowing to optimize the management of the same

The solution

Revelis offers technological solutions to customize the “path” followed by calling users, trying to anticipate their intentions.
In that way, taking advantage of the knowledge of the user’s profile, automatically forwards the call to a “competent” telephone operator with a minimum number of intermediate steps.
User profiles can be evaluated automatically or can be predefined according to rules set by call center managers, through simple interfaces that do not require technical skills for their use.


Higher quality of service as the user has a high probability of obtaining satisfactory answers (customer satisfaction)

Improved efficiency of the service thanks to the optimization of the use of telephone lines which induces low call response times

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