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Contact network development and target customer profiling

The identification of “prospects” and “leads” is a task that today assumes great importance for both private companies, in order to increase the commercial network, and public organizations, in order to promote fundraising campaigns.
Big Data Analytics techniques allow the integration of data from heterogeneous sources and profiling, enabling the creation of personalized marketing campaigns.

The problem

Extracting value from the Customer Base is one of the main problems of all organizations, small and large, public or private.
The enormous amount of data relating to prospect contacts is often not usable, because it is managed by different tools, there are redundancies or inconsistencies, there is no information useful to reach prospects, there is no knowledge about the preferences of prospects and leads.
This is why digital marketing process is complex, both in the case of private organizations that aim to sell products and services, and in the case of public organizations that intend to carry out fundraising activities.

The solution

Revelis develops solutions based on Rialto™, making possible to acquire and normalize information from different information sources, and to profile contacts.
Through Data Integration and profiling techniques, it is possible to provide functionalities for:

– Automatic acquire information on contacts

– Integrate contact information and resolve problems related to redundancies or inconsistencies

– Identify ‘families’ of contacts with a similar behaviors or characteristics

– Support digital marketing campaigns through advanced search capabilities


Integration and normalization of the customer base

Automatic acquisition of information from external sources

Contact profiling

Advanced information search

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